Many University students understand that landing an internship can be a make or break for future career prospects. Relevant internship experience listed on your resume will give you a competitive advantage over other candidates as it provides students with real-world skills and experience sure to make you stand out your first few days on the job. Although it can be difficult to land an impressive internship on your own, there are hundreds of opportunities available to those who are determined to succeed. Especially if you’re willing to consider an internship abroad.

Moving abroad for any amount of time can at first seem daunting. It’s a huge step for anyone who’s never left the country for an extended period of time, let alone their hometown. However, internships abroad bring about tremendous growth and experience.

Here are a few ways an internship abroad can lead you on the road to success:

Internships Abroad: The Road to Success

Meeting New People

Meeting people abroad is the ultimate networking move, and everyone knows that building your network will provide you with more professional opportunities. Your internship will put you in contact with people from all over the world–whether they themselves are just traveling through, involved in a volunteer project, studying abroad, working alongside you at the internship site, or are natives of the country! No matter how you come in contact, everyone has the potential to offer something unique to your professional growth, or maybe just your perspective on life.

Meeting new people can blossom relationships which can significantly impact a future career; whether a casual encounter becomes a lifelong friendship leading to a new job opportunity, or a supervisor becomes a mentor interested in offering you a full-time position upon graduation, you never know what the next step might be when you meet someone new.


Boosting Your Confidence

Building new skills, exploring the unknown, maneuvering through language barriers, and constantly problem solving overseas is sure to bring a boost of confidence. Knowing that you can (and will) survive without having to depend on lifelong family and friends will foster a new independence you never knew you had. This confidence booster is sure to make you feel your best when meeting new people and marketing yourself to new employers with your head high and a smile on your face.

Imagining a Different Future

Successful people dream big and make bigger moves. An internship abroad can catapult your dreams and propel you to reach further than you ever imagined. Interested in human rights? Well, a human rights internship allows you to act as an ambassador for people all over the world! A passion for hospitality? An internship abroad can open your eyes to how other cultures show hospitality while boosting your own creativity and spark new ideas that you can bring back with you.

Interning abroad inspires creativity and gives you more insight into a given industry. Once you get the experience, you’ll always know that so much more is possible. And getting a taste of something different can lead you to new personal and career goals you never thought otherwise. New perspectives can change the path you would’ve once followed, broadening future opportunities.


Exploring New Places

Make a list of the sites, neighborhoods, and excursions you won’t want to miss before heading off for your internship abroad. Most internships require a regular Monday-Friday schedule (of course to get you accustomed to that work life you’ll soon be immersed in), but this leaves your weekends open for unforgettable adventures that make for great talking points with potential employers or new professional connections.

Interning in Latin America? Check out these cool weekend getaways in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru you definitely won’t want to miss!

Expanding Your Perspective

Sometimes we get the wrong idea about different people, places, and cultures based on what we see, read, and hear from the media. There’s nothing like learning through immersion to help you expand your perspective of the truth.


Inciting Newfound Freedom

Routines can get sickening and leave you feeling trapped. An international internship can grant you a newfound freedom you didn’t think possible. Leave the baggage of yesterday behind you and take full advantage of an opportunity for a fresh start. While you’re away, enjoy yourself and soak in a once in a lifetime experience not everyone will get to enjoy.

It’s obvious that international internships allow you the unique experience to travel, while developing on the job skills that are sure to impress a prospective employer. The spontaneous, well-planned adventures of learning a new country, city, and culture are experiences that allow for an expansion of personal and professional growth and will be sure to leave you stranded on the road to success.